own your path

If you’re anything like me, you were probably raised on a trajectory designed to aim you towards success. Your parents likely worked with the same company for most of their careers, affording a life that left you entertained and comfortable. In school, you got the right grades to get into the right classes to keep getting the right grades that would hopefully secure you that over-4.0 GPA that would get you into a great school that would prepare you for a stable and prosperous adulthood.

Unless, of course, you dared to take the road less traveled.

For many of us, that adulthood was reliant on a major in Business, Engineering, or Pre-Med. For others, it was Education, English, or Biology. But I always enjoyed a good rebellion, so for me, it was Entertainment Industry Studies – a perfectly time-consuming at-least-I-got-out-with-a-degree transition into my dream of working in the music business.

I was lucky that my parents encouraged me to do well in school so that I could pursue not just a job, but my dreams. I remember one of the other moms saying I’d struggle in college if I didn’t take Calculus my senior year. I scoffed at the thought, secretly hoping my future major in fact wouldn’t require the course I’d so confidently rejected at 17 years old.

You see, when I so brazenly made these decisions – to rebel against the high school AP system, to move to Nashville, to aspire towards an unknown job in the music industry – I still didn’t know exactly what I’d be doing with my future. But here’s the kicker – whether I knew it or not, I was beginning the process of Owning My Path:

The highs.

The lows.

The unemployment.

The not-so-great employment.

The move to the countryside.

The reassessment of my dreams.

And the wandering journey towards realizing my new ones.

What I hope you’ll discover through A Necessary Rebrand is that you don’t have to be rich. You don’t even have to be “successful.” You just have to find what makes you happy and chase after it, even if that “it” changes every 6 months or so. Maybe in another life, I could have been that high-power music business girl boss that I always dreamed of becoming. But that’s not how things went – and I’m so grateful for it. Still, if I’d never had that dream, I wouldn’t have come to Tennessee. And I wouldn’t have discovered this life I’m living today.

No part of this was wasted time – the journey from Point A to Point B just ended up being a little longer than I’d anticipated. Heck, I’m still not even sure I’ve made it to Point B just yet – and maybe there’s still Points C-Z to discover.

But that’s the beauty of a rebrand. And that’s why we should Own Our Paths. Because who would we be if it weren’t for the journeys that got us here?